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Stainless steel balls

Stainless steel balls


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Name: stainless steel balls, also known as: stainless steel blasting, rounded stainless steel cut wire shot, stainless steel shot, stainless steel cut wire shot thrown round production process: production methods are stainless steel wire stainless steel balls by cutting, throwing circle to get stainless steel balls, stainless steel polishing pill, the English called: "Conditioned Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot", literally translated as: "passivated stainless steel cut wire shot," where representatives will cylindrical ends of passivation thrown round the edges; on behalf of stainless steel wire materials; cutting pills on behalf of cutting made. Germany developed for this purpose and International Organization for Standardization and the corresponding provisions of the second class produced sphericity columnar stainless steel cut wire shot by shot blasting after passivation of stainless steel balls were used G1, G2, G3 logo represents.
a moderate hardness, purest ingredients, great coverage;
b does not have pores generally steel balls, shaped and other shortcomings, it's much longer service life;
c performance of the product can replace imported products, and prices significantly lower than imported products, cost savings for customers, and consume the equivalent of 1 kg of stainless steel balls consume 17 kg of emery, equivalent to consume 100 kg of glass beads; equivalent to the consumption of ordinary steel shot 3-4 kg; equivalent to consume three kilograms of aluminum and zinc pills pills;
d, with stainless steel balls after casting smooth surface rust treatment, without the need for post-processing such as pickling, are environmentally friendly.
You can choose a pre-cast rounded cutting pills and cut without pre throwing balls, two different shapes.
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